Risk assessment of violence in different contexts

Save favourite 29 Apr April 2014

Risk assessment of violence in different contexts, with applied criminology as basis, is one of the centre’s strong research areas. Risk assessment and risk management are very important issues to improve on in order to prevent further violence. The overall aim is to find methods and strategies to work with structured risk assessments in order to prevent violence.

The focus of the research is mainly on two different areas: domestic violence and stalking. Both women and men are studied from the perspectives of victims as well as perpetrators. The research is carried out in collaboration nationally, with the police and with the forensic psychiatry, and internationally, with researchers at the Centre for Forensic Behavioural Sciences in Melbourne, Australia, and researchers from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. This research has in particular shown that the use of structured checklists for assessment of risk is an effective method to use in police, correctional and forensic assessment and management of risk for violence.

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