Board of Advisors


Ulf Andersson, Head of Information Security at Telenor

Professor Bjorn Fjæstad, former Editor of "Forskning & Framsteg", Honorary Ph.D. at Mid Sweden University (chair)

Associate Professor Katarina Giritli Nygren, Director of the Forum for Gender Studies at Mid Sweden University, Associate Professor of Sociology

Cecilia Nyström Head of the Resilience Development and Analysis Department at the Swedish Civil Contingency Agency (MSB)
Personal alternate: Per Sundström, Head of the Knowledge Development Section, MSB

Associate Professor Leif Olsson, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor of Business Management and Organization, Mittuniversitetet

Anna-Lena Perdahl, The Vice-Chancellor's Office, Mid Sweden University

Elina Ramsell, Senior Advisor at Combitech AB and Ph.D. student at Linköping University
Personal alternate: Andreas Malik, Senior Advisor at Combitech AB

Associate Professor Dzenan Sahovic, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor of Political Science, Umeå  University

Magnus Lindow, Head of Department at the County Administrative Board, Jämtland
Personal alternate: Jenna Norman, County Administrative Board, Jämtland

Professor Peter Öhman, Director of the Centre for research on Economic Relations (CER) at Mid Sweden University, Professor of Business Administration
Personal alternate: Heléne Lundberg, Associate Professor of Business Administration, CER, Mid Sweden University

Associate Professor Susanna Öhman, Associate Professor of Sociology at Mid Sweden University