About RCR Lab

The groundwork towards the formation of a risk and crisis lab in Östersund started in 2014. The overarching goal of the RCR Lab is to develop new methods for the study of leadership, collaboration, and communication in conjunction with societal risks and crises, as well as test and develop exercises in risk and crisis management.

The RCR Lab advances new inroads for the development of learning in the field of risk and crisis management through innovative methods, including the use of experimental design in social science research as well as new models for risk and crisis management exercises grounded in theory and practice. What is more, research conducted in the RCR Lab is aimed at critically evaluating extant ways for the study of risk and crisis management as well as models used for the learning in this field.

A flexible environment where face-to-face as well as virtual exercises may be conducted is central to the RCR Lab concept; further operations include collaboration activities, learning, and research.

  • Research: Cutting-edge research on crisis exercises with a focus on leadership, collaboration and communication in cooperation with external researchers and other partners.
  • Collaboration: The RCR Lab is a venue for exercises, conferences, workshops, thematic events, lectures, and presentations. It is also a resource for external partners and a media contact.
  • Learning: Professional contacts, online education, lectures, labs and exercises for university students, high school students, partners, faculty and staff, and clients.

The single most important factor for the RCR Lab’s success is the close collaboration with regional firms and other organizations. Twelve firms and a number of public actors within the area of emergency management have been part of the foundation of the RCR Lab.

The RCR Lab provides a venue to test and develop ideas, concepts, and exercises in collaboration with private and public enterprises, researchers, and  public crisis management actors. Further stakeholders include voluntary organization, private enterprises as well as the public. Thus, the RCR Lab allows for partnerships with stakeholders not previously involved in societal risk and crisis management.

The RCR Lab is located on the 4th floor of building P at the campus of Mid Sweden University in Östersund, at Kunskapens Väg 1.


BAE Systems Hägglunds AB

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Granit Teknikbyrå AB

INB Engineering AB

Kriskonsulterna Jämtland AB


Länsstyrelsen Jämtlands län

MSB Sandö

Pilotech AS

Polismyndigheten – Polisområde Jämtland

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