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The European elections took place on 23-26 May 2019. Now researchers in Europe team up to analyse and reflect on the elections in a new report.

The report gathered 70 contributions from leading academics and will cover the elections and the campaigns. Euroflections is an initiative from the research centre DEMICOM at Mid Sweden University.

Euroflections will be published on the 13th of June 2019 in a free digital report. So, this is where you will find the best analyses and reflections on the European elections.

Here you can find more info about the involved researchers

Download the Euroflections report

The Euroflections report has now been published. Over 70 researchers commenting and reflecting on the EP elections.

Read or dowload the Euroflections report


Seminar: Euroflections - leading researcher on EU elections 2019

On June 13, the report Euroflections - Leading academics on the European Elections 2019 will be released. With this in mind, the research center Demicom at Mid Sweden University in collaboration with Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (SIEPS), organizes a seminar on the European Parliament election.

Euroflections at European science media hub

Euroflections and the DEMICOM researcher Kajsa Falasca is covered in an article published at The European Science-Media Hub. Focus is on research connected to the upcoming election in the article "Online disinformation during elections : researchers in Europe team up to monitor and analyse the situation".


Lars Nord

Professor of Political Communication. He is part of DEMICOM, which conducts research on democracy and communication in the digital society. He is an internationally recognized researcher in politic...

Marie Grusell

Associate Professor in Media and Communication Studies at the research centre DEMICOM at Mid Sweden University and at University of Gothenburg. Marie researches the parties' strategic communication...

Kajsa Falasca

PhD in Media and Communication Studies and Assistant Professor at DEMICOM, Centre for Study of Democracy and Communication. Kajsa is researching strategic political communication in the modern medi...

Niklas Bolin

Associate Professor (docent) in political science. His research focuses on elections, political parties and political behaviour with a specific interest in populist radical right parties, green...

Interviews with researchers

Professor Cas Mudde, University of Georgia

My contribution will focus on the results of populist parties, probably declaring the end of left-wing populism and arguing that we should focus more on the far right, or at least populist radical...