Our research is conducted in research groups focusing on four main areas: journalism, media development, organizations' communication and political communication.

In the area of Media Development, we analyze studies of media producers, content and media users in a new media landscape; how knowledge and information are produced, disseminated and used, and how these processes are affected by economic, technological, political and organizational environments. This also includes regular studies within the framework of Dagspresskollegiet – a research programme that started in 1979 and has conducted research focusing on the use of newspapers and its readers since then.

The research group CORE studies Organizations' Communication; how internal and external communications relate to the organizations' strategic goals, leadership and change; how globalization and communications technology affect communication and how the organizations deal with public opinion and crises related to their own activities. 

In Political Communication and Political Journalism, we study communicative processes and relationships between politics, media and citizens focusing on how the digital society affects communication strategies, media content and media use in election campaigns and dramatic events. This involves studies of strategic political communication and political advocacy in DEMICOM's regular election campaign projects. 

We have extensive experience in contract research for both private and public organizations, such as the Swedish Parliament and government, authorities, associations and companies. Our researchers are also often engaged for custom designed lectures and training sessions, in the media industry, politics and administration.

DEMICOM's research group leaders:
Catrin Johansson, Professor of Organizations' Communications, Mid Sweden University
Lars Nord, the Programme Leader and Professor of Political Communication, Mid Sweden University
Jonas Harvard, Docent of History, Mid Sweden University

Ongoing Research Projects

Hyperlocal media and their democratic significance

Not long ago, traditional media, also known as legacy media, were the only ones that produced journalism. This project takes a closer look at the so-called “hyperlocals”–independent media companies...


Critical exploration of media related risks and opportunities for deliberative communication: development scenarios of the European media landscape.

Political humor

The PhD project of Sara Ödmark concerns the role of the professional comedian in societal debate.


In various types of events, rumors arise because of different ambiguities. They often receive a great deal of attention in the media or in the general discussion among people. Rumors often arise as...