Concept for evaluation of organizational communication maturity

Save favourite 18 Oct October 2017

The aim of this innovative research project is to develop a concept for the evaluation of the communication maturity of organizations based on the findings of previous communication research. Research on organizations’ internal, external and strategic communication shows that communication is a key factor for success when it comes to an organization’s ability to reach goals, adapt their operation to the surroundings, and take social and environmental responsibility.

The CORE research group at the research centre DEMICOM has carried out internationally leading research on communicative leadership, communication during organizational change, and institutionalization/professionalization of strategic communication.

The extent and application of this knowledge in different types of organization varies; a universal method for the evaluation of the communication maturity of organizations is needed, as are tools and methods for the development of communication skills based on current research. 

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Prof. Catrin Johansson




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