Born and brought up in Skellefteå in northern Sweden. After a university degree in teaching and a M.Sc. in Human Geography Robert started working at ETOUR in 1999. Here he wrote a thesis focusing on the supply and demand of Sami tourism in Northern Sweden. Robert aqcuired his degree Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in March 2004.

Robert is interested in communicating research findings with society, including students, entrepreneurs and media. In 2007, Robert was awarded the Student Union’s educational price.

From 2006 he took charge as the head of the Tourism Department which beside educational programmes also hosts the European Tourism Research Institute (ETOUR) and from 2009 adopted the role of "proprefekt" at Mid Sweden University’s Department of Social Science which operates in Östersund and Sundsvall. From 2013 he started working as head of the Department of External Relations and has since been promoted to Associate Professor.

Outside of teaching and research he has also continually been engaged in several management teams and boards.