Planning implies strategic decision-making, often several years ahead.

Long-term planning is something of a rarity amongst event organizers, and is therefore one of the key areas where our clients sees the most significant improvements upon using our services. Strategic planning stems from the vision, objectives, philosophy and policy formulation of the firm and extends its influence over longer time periods. Implementing a strategy entails making changes to current operations with future goals in mind.

An example would be using goal attainment to reach a zero CO2 emission goal for an annual event over a 10 year period. For every event, the objective is to reduce emissions by 10% towards the final goal. The firm is thereby given the opportunity to gradually adapt and do so cost-effectively over this period.


Other potential usages for strategic planning and goal setting are within product development. A strategy of this nature could focus on widening the range of events on offer in the firm’s/destination’s portfolio or expanding the size and contents of existing events.