Autumn semester seminar schedule in tourism

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ETOUR is now pleased to announce the schedule of the Research Seminar for the autumn 2013. ETOUR research seminars give researchers the opportunity to present and discuss their research progress and results with other scientists.

Mathias Fuchs, is there anything new about the concept this year since you have taken over the responsibility for the seminars?
- Not really… I’m focusing on the continuation of an already well-established and successfully implemented seminar concept at ETOUR.

What's good about the seminars and who is it for?
- The seminar is an academic discussion platform open to national and international tourism scholars and researchers to present their scientific results and progress in an informal forum and in a highly constructive environment. At ETOUR exist three types of seminars: a seminar for work in progress papers (WPS),  one for research results presentations (RRP), and a workshop type seminar focusing on theory and method development, thus, labeled research design seminar (RDS). Finally, ETOUR seminars are also the vehicle for PhD students to present and critically discuss their PhD projects (planning seminar) and progress (half-time seminar).

What can you say about the seminar mix this fall?
- The multi-disciplinary, open and international character of the ETOUR seminar series becomes especially evident from the programme schedule for fall 2013: next to researchers from ETOUR, also external academics from the United Kingdom (University College of London/ Prince & Pearce), Italy (Bocconi University, Milano), and the Stockholm University will provide presentations of their ongoing research. The topical spectrum is very broad, and is covering cutting edge in tourism research, such as “sustainable development of heritage sites”, “network analysis in tourism”, “a wildlife protection agenda for biologists and tourism researchers”   as well as “new measurement methods for recreation expenditures”. 

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