Part of the UNESCO-UNITWIN “Culture, Tourism, Development” network

Save favourite 4 Jul July 2016

ETOUR/TUG was recently nominated and accepted to be a part of the prestigious UNESCO-UNITWIN network called “Culture, Tourism, and Development”. The international network promotes sustainable development and cultural diversity in the world through responsible tourism.

The UNITWIN Programme was launched in 1992 and operates through the establishment of UNESCO Chairs, and UNESCO university networks which are also designated as UNITWIN projects.

This UNESCO-UNITWIN network seeks to create a worldwide system of cooperation and knowledge-sharing between universities, decision makers, non-governmental organizations, civil society and the private sector in the fields of culture, tourism and development. Currently more than 30 universities from around the world belong to this network, and ETOUR will be the first Nordic institution to attend.

The network has several aims, including:

  • A better understanding of nature and the complex ties between tourism, culture and a sustainable development of territories.
  • Encouraging a responsible and ethical vision of tourism as a means of sustainable development of territories and enhancing cultural diversity.
  • Helping to develop strategies and projects which are environmentally sustainable, socially fair, sensible from a business point of view and with a cultural value.
  • Getting expertise closer to the policy decision-makers to benefit the populations, especially those in poverty.

ETOUR will regularly attend meetings, workshops and conferences within the programme, and participate in other joint projects established by the network.

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