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11th Fundamental Mechanical Pulp Research Seminar

Welcome to the 11th Fundamental Mechanical Pulp Research Seminar in Norrköping, Sweden, April 2-4, 2019.

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Norrköping, Sweden

Questions Concerning the Seminar

Inger Axbrink, e-mail, phone +46 70 393 16 43

Research related Questions

Per Engstrand, e-mail, phone +46 70 573 67 52
Christer Sandberg, e-mail, phone +46 70 313 33 75

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11 Fundamental Mechanical Pulp Seminar, FMPRS, April 2-4 2019

Register to our conference on the website. Last day to register March 30 2019.


Conference fee:

The conference fee shall be payed before March 30 2019

3.500 SEK Ordinary fee (Incl VAT 700 SEK)
2.500 SEK PhD students (Incl VAT 500 SEK)

Government employees from Sweden pay the fee excluding VAT

If you have chosen payment by Invoice it will be sent after the conference.


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Program April 2-3 2019

Arbetets Museum Norrköping

Tuesday April 2 – Hospitalsgatan 30 Norrköping

18:00 Evening reception and registration,  ÅF Industry’s facilities

Wednesday April 3 – Renströmmen Norrköping city

08:30 Registration
09:00 Welcome to seminar day 1

Keynote speakers

Tommy Wiksand – Holmen Paper - A company in transition based on mechanical pulp
Thomas Granfeldt – Valmet - High Yield Pulping - now and forever!
Per Engstrand – FSCN - Research trends in high yield pulping

10:30 Coffee break

10:50 Process technology

Per Engstrand – Decrease in strength along a process line for SC paper
Lars Johansson – Chip washers – do we need them?
Christer Sandberg – The centre plate design affects refiner performance
Per Gradin – The Influence of the Cutting Rate on the Damage State of a Wood Chip

12:10 Lunch

13:10 Fibre Modification and new products

Tove Joelsson – Unique steel belt press technology for development of high strength wood-containing papers
Rana Alimohammadzadeh – Sustainable Surface Engineering of Chemimechanical Pulp Fibers  by Synergistic Combination of Metal-free Catalysis and Polyelectrolyte Complexes
James Olson – Low Consistency Refined Microfibre: MFC alternative for High Bulk, High Tear and High Tensile Mechanical Pulp
David Myja – 4-acetamido-TEMPO-mediated oxidation of wood chips and thermomechanical pulp in large scale

14:30 Coffee break

Hafizur Rahman – Maximized wood chip impregnation efficiency validated by new miniaturized X-ray fluorescence techniques
Gunilla Pettersson – Market pulp of CTMP with double strength properties 
Erik Persson – Spruce HT-CTMP revisited – A high yield, energy efficient pulp for future products

17:00 Seminar closing day 1

18:00 Guided tour Norrköping city

19:00 Dinner, Louis de Geer


Program April 4 2019

Braviken Paper Mill_07467

Thursday April 4 – Holmen Braviken

08:30 Bus from Scandic City to Holmen Braviken Paper Mill 
09:00 Welcome to seminar day 2 

09:00 Modelling and control

Fredrik Bengtsson – Refining models for optimization and control – How to use such models for pulp and handsheet property estimations
Johan Sund – Effects of online pulp analysis frequency and chest retention time on refiner control performance
Anders Karlström – Deep learning in Refining Processes – A Pre-study of Internal and External Variables Impact on Pulp Properties
Johan Persson - Modelling feed to a double disc refiner

10:20 Coffee break

Magnus Heldin – On tool engagement in groundwood pulping — in-situ observations and numerical modelling at the microscale

11:00 Fibre characterisation 

Göran Thungström – Evaluation of pulp by optical transmission and scattering measurement
Ola Johansson – Experiences of Single Point Morphology Measurements in Mechanical Pulp
Olof Ferritsius – Heterogeneity

12:00 Lunch

13:15 Study visit Holmen Braviken

Fredrik Holgersson, Mill Manager,  Welcome to Braviken
Fredrik Bragsjö, Pulp mill Manager – TMP Braviken
14.00 Guided mill tour

15:15 Seminar closing
15:30 Bus to city

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