New researchers in BESKA and Biorem fiber

New researchers in BESKA and Biorem fiber

Mon 21 Oct 09:49

Gabriela Paladino and Anna-Karin Borg Karlson are new researchers in the group of Eco-chemistry and the research project Biorem Fibre and Beska.

Anna-Karin Borg, Gabriela Paladino and Erik hedenström
Anna-Karin Borg Karlson, Gabriela Paladino and Erik Hedenström.

Anna-Karin Borg Karlson is professor emerita from the Department of Chemistry, at KTH, Stockholm. She will be a senior guest researcher in the research project Beska for about a year from now. Her task here is to collaborate with researchers interested in chemical ecology and initiate new projects in this area. She has previously led a research group in chemical ecology at KTH where they focused on identifying and testing organic compounds isolated from natural products on insects, other animals and microorganisms. The best from these project will she now bring to us at Mid Sweden University. We wish Anna-Karin welcome and hope she will enjoy working with us.

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Gabriela Paladino has come to Mid Sweden University to join the BioRem Fibre research project group as a postdoc researcher in environmental bioremediation. She feels that the BioRem Fibre project will give her a great opportunity to expand her scientific training and deepen her knowledge, since it is a challenging environmental technology project, which involves research and pilot-scale testing for the clean-up of both organic and inorganic pollutants in a complex matrix, as are fiber banks. 

Gabriela Paladino holds a BSc. in Environmental Sciences, a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Engineering (two-year program) and a PhD in Biology from the National University of Comahue in Argentina. Her research experience and university teaching duties, as well as her previous professional experience in the oil industry, are focused on organic pollutants bioremediation, hazardous waste management, soil contamination and rehabilitation, and organic waste treatment by composting. She also has served as the director of a two-year postgraduate program nominated “Wastewater and Organic Waste Treatment” at the National University of Rio Negro (Argentina).

"I am very excited about this opportunity and I hope to contribute to the BioRem Fibre project goals. I think this is a passionate project of science application and technological transference, that will give me an outstanding possibility for professional and personal growth, in a different cultural environment," says Gabriela. We wish her welcome and hope she will enjoy working with us.

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