Jan Erling Bäckvall new Visiting Professor in FSCN

Tue 19 Mar 2019 10:46

Jan-Erling Bäckvall, professor in Organic Chemistry at Stockholm University since 1997, is new visiting professor in FSCN research centre, Mid Sweden University. He will start collaborate with the researchers in Organic Chemistry together with Professor Armando Cordova.

Jan Erling Bäckvall
Visiting Professor Jan Erling Bäckvall together with professor Armando Cordova, FSCN research centre.

Jan E Bäckvall received his PhD in 1975 at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) under the supervision of Björn Åkermark. After having been a postdoc with K. Barry Sharpless at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1975-1976, he returned to KTH as a researcher. In 1986, he was appointed professor of organic chemistry at Uppsala University and in 1997 changed to the same subject at Stockholm University. Bäckvall is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and, since 1996, the Finnish Academy of Sciences.

Bäckvall works at the Arrhenius Laboratory Stockholm University. The research will focus on nano christallin cellulose together with the research group of organic chemistry. Welcome Jan E Bäckvall. We hope you will enjoy working with us.


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