Nailing of a Doctoral Thesis with Nicklas Blomquist

Nailing of a Doctoral Thesis with Nicklas Blomquist

Fri 03 May 14:18

Today Nicklas Blomquist nailed his Doctoral Thesis at Campus Sundsvall. Supervisor are professor Håkan Olin.

Bild från när Nicklas Blomquist spikade sin doktorsavhandling

The public defence of the thesis will be on May 10, 2019. Welcome to join the seminar. 

Title of the Thesis

Large-Scale Graphene Production for Environmentally Friendly and Low-Cost Energy Storage Production, Coating and Applications

External reviewer

Professor Patrik Johansson

Examining committee

Docent Birgitta Enberg
Professor Thomas Wågberg
Adj. Dr. John Gustavsson
Professor Per Gradin



There is great demand for energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable, and cost-effective electrical energy storage devices. One important aspect of this demand is the need for automotive electrification to achieve more energy-efficient transportation at a reasonable cost, thus supporting a fossil-fuel free society. 

Another important aspect is the requirement for energy storage in the growing field of renewable energy production from wind and solar sources, which generates an irregular supply of electricity due to weather conditions. Much of the research in this area has been conducted in the field of battery technology with impressive results, but the need for rapid storage devices such as supercapacitors is growing. Due to the excellent ability of supercapacitors to handle short peak power pulses with high efficiency along with their long lifetime and superior cyclability, their implementations range from small consumer electronics to electric vehicles and stationary grid applications. Supercapacitors also have the potential to complement batteries to improve pulse efficiency and lifetime of the system, however, the cost of supercapacitors is a significant issue for large-scale commercial use, leading to a demand for sustainable, low-cost materials and simplified manufacturing processes. An important way to address this need is to develop a cost-efficient and environment-friendly large-scale process to produce highly conductive nanographites, such as graphene and graphite nanoplatelets, along with methods to manufacture low-cost electrodes from large area coating.