Meet Pascal Gerlach, new Erasmus student in FSCN

Fri 28 Feb 15:10

Welcome Pascal Gerlach, new Erasmus student in chemistry at FSCN research centre! He will be joining the research group of Surface and Colloid Engineering. Pascal will be focusing on the research in cellulose films and his area of interest is polymers.

Pascal Gerlach

Can you tell us a little about your background?

I was born in Westoverledingen, Leer, in Germany. I have studied aerospace engineering and have a bachelor in engineering from Bremen, Fraunhofer Institute. I am 26 years old and now I am starting my Exchange studies as an Erasmus student. The title of the bachelor thesis was; Empirical Study: Process limitations of 3D filament printing & sintering (FPS) compared to metal powder injection molding (MIM)

I have also studied material science and founded my own company in 3D printing in 2017. At the same time I started my master studies at the University of Applied Science in Osnabrück, Germany.

What is your area of interest?

My topic is polymers. I look forward to develop my knowledge in this area together with the researchers in chemistry at Mid Sweden University during this semester.

What are you going to do here at Mid Sweden University?

I will join the group of Surface and Colloid Engineering and learn more about the cellulose films. I will work on the effects of different surface chemistries and morphologies for bacterial growth on cellulose films. This is important for example for packaging and other applications.

Why did you choose Mid Sweden University for your Erasmus studies?

My professor (Prof. Dr. Svea Petersen) in the University of Osnabrück suggested Mid Sweden University and Magnus Norgren’s research group for my studies, because of their great Reputation in the field of chemical research. I will stay until June 2020 and I look very much forward to these exchange studies.

How do you like Sweden and Sundsvall so far?

The people and working atmosphere are very friendly and professional. So, I am so happy for being here. I have found an apartment and share it with a post doc researcher at STC research centre. It is very nice.

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