XP Chemistries enters the Nasdaq stock exchange

Tue 02 Nov 2021 12:46

The innovation company XP Chemistries enters the Nasdaq stock exchange on Friday October 29. Our professor Armando Cordova is one of the owners of the start up company.

Screenshot av professor Armando Cordova

We are very pleased that existing and new shareholders have shown strong confidence. Through the issue, we have the financial resources we need to implement the company's business plan so that we can take advantage of strong demand and great growth opportunities, says Erik Nelsson, CEO of XP Chemistries to BizMaker. 

XP Chemitries is a spin off company from Organofuel Sweden AB in May 2021 in order to focus on capsaicin and related operations. The company uses a unique and patented process to produce capsaicin from forest raw materials, something that has traditionally been done from chili fruits. This brings a number of benefits; Among other things, the capsaicin has a much higher purity, the process is cost-effective and durable and easy to scale up.

The chemistry was developed by professor Armando Cordova and his research group in organic chemistry at FSCN research centre, Mid Sweden University.

Congratulations to all of you!

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