Licentiate seminar with Rohan Patil

Fri 10 Mar 2023 15:08

Today, Rohan Patil presented his licentiate thesis in Engineerings Physics and he passed! Congratulations Rohan!

Rohan Patil lic

Title of the Licentiate Thesis

A scalable furnace technique to grow silicon nanoparticles for high performance Li-ion battery anodes


Lithium-ion batteries are one of the key technologies to address the global climate challenge. Higher battery capacity could also be seen as indirectly influencing the entire value chain. One way to increase capacity is to add silicon to the graphite anode, since silicon can store much more lithium ions than graphite. Several high-performance schemes utilizing silicon nano solutions have been demonstrated. However, industrial-scale implementation of these solutions still poses a challenge. In this thesis I present a novel scalable furnace technique to create silicon nanoparticles attached to the nanographite flakes. The novel furnace technique allows compatibility with already established industrial-scale electrode manufacturing techniques, presenting itself as a promising strategy for engineering electrodes with endurable performance.


Associate Professor Jonas Örtegren Mid Sweden University

Associate Professor Magnus Hummelgård Mid Sweden University

External reviewer

Dr. Shizhao Xiong, Chalmers


Link to the thesis in DIVA



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