New Associate Professor - Claes Mattsson |

New Associate Professor ‑ Claes Mattsson

Fri 12 May 2023 13:47

On May 10th Claes Mattsson was appointed associate professor at FSCN!

En person står och visar upp ett docentbevis

We congratulate Claes Mattsson who gave his trial lecture on Wednesday the 10th of May. His lecture was titled “High accuracy and low-cost gas sensing for environmental monitoring”.


In all forms of decision-making, access to correct information and data is a basic prerequisite for being able to make the right decision. The demand for data in industry and society is constantly increasing, at the same time as the requirements for what the data may cost are constantly decreasing. Not least this applies to applications that are driven by developments within the Internet of Things. Here, sensors are desired that can contribute to advanced analyses, which were previously carried out in the lab, directly in real time. A concern for air quality and emissions of environmentally hazardous gases today drives a demand for sensors that can monitor this. In the lecture, various principles for measuring greenhouse gases will be discussed, as well as which parameters affect the accuracy of certain sensors.


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