6th International Conference on Nanogenerators and Piezotronics June 19-23 2022.

NGPT 2022

Welcome to Mid Sweden University

We cordially invite you to the 6th International Conference on Nanogenerators and Piezotronics (NGPT 2022), which will take place 19-23 June 2022 in Sundsvall, Sweden. Since the inaugural meeting in Xianshang, China, in 2012, the International Conference on Nanogenerators and Piezotronics has been held in locations around the world, including Atlanta (2014), Rome (2016), Seoul (2018) and Cambridge (2020). We are delighted to announce that Mid Sweden University, Sweden, will join this list by hosting the 6th NGPT conference together with Uppsala University.

Sundsvall is an historic city located in Sweden’s central region and recently celebrated the 400th anniversary of its founding. Mid Sweden University is a global university with a regional commitment to conducting research and educating people for life. We also collaborate closely with the ICT and forestry industries in Sweden and other European countries. The university is home to a rich and diverse scientific community and has around 13,000 students, 1,000 employees, 85 professors and 200 PhD students in 40 different subjects.
We currently offer 47 Bachelor’s programmes and 37 Master’s programmes.

NGPT 2022 will be organised by the research centres Fibre Science and Communication Network (FSCN) and Sensible Things that Communicate (STC), with plenty of opportunities for international collaboration and industrial involvement. Our strong commitment to energy research is evident in our well equiped facilities and centres of excellence that aim to bring academics and external partners together to tackle future energy challenges.

The conference aims to provide an international platform for researchers working in the field of nanogenerators and piezotronics from all over the world and to share and discuss significant advances and developments in this rapidly growing and technologically relevant field. It will also serve as a strong networking platform to build and foster collaborative research and to promote interaction between academia and industry. Given the incredible growth and successes of past NGPT conferences, we eagerly await the exciting developments that we expect to come out of the upcoming conference. We very much look forward to welcoming you to Mid Sweden University in July 2022.

NGPT 2022 Conference Chairs

Professor Håkan Olin Mid Sweden University

Associate Professor Renyun Zhang Mid Sweden University

Professor Zhong Lin Wang Georgia Tech USA