The City of Sundsvall was founded in 1621 and has grown to become one of the largest cities in the local region, with around 100,000 citizens. The wider Sundsvall region is home to just over 200,000 residents and boasts strong industrial and innovative traditions. Today, large numbers of local residents work in the forestry, banking, IT and insurance industries. Among other features, the region is also home to one of Sweden’s
largest paper pulp mills. In fact, the local mill SCA Östrand has the largest production line for bleached softwood kraft pulp in the world.

While the paper industry continues to be the prime contributor to the local economy, the service sector has developed strongly and the Sundsvall region is now also one of Sweden’s most important regions in connection with IT, banking, pensions and insurance.

In addition, a number of government agencies’ head offices are also located here. Sundsvall is currently experiencing a major growth phase in which more than 10 billion kronor are being invested in the region
over just a few short years, primarily in new, sustainable logistics and transport solutions as well as in housing and other infrastructure. Sundsvall views inter-industry collaboration as crucial to the local region’s future development and, in this respect, Mid Sweden University and its research play an important role in further strengthening the region’s innovative capacity and growth. For example, the university’s FSCN research centre conducts a great deal of research on nanomaterials, new cellulose materials and process technology in cooperation with business and industry.

Stay and celebrate Midsummer with us at Norra Berget’s open-air museum

We invite you to stay a little longer in Sundsvall after the conference and enjoy our traditional Swedish Midsummer celebrations. Happily, in 2022, Midsummer falls on 24 June. Midsummer is traditionally celebrated close to the date of the summer solstice, particularly in Northern Europe. Stay a few more days in Sundsvall and experience genuine Swedish culture, including dancing around the maypole, traditional cuisine,
socialising and music!

Greetings from Mayor of Sundsvall

Peder Björk