2D fab won innovation competition

Save favourite 11 Dec December 2015

Our researcher Sven Forsberg and his company 2D fab is one of the winners in SIO Grafen Innovation Competition 2015. Congratulations!

SIO Grafen has conducted an innovation competition during the autumn 2015. Good ideas on graphene had the chance to win 100 000 SEK to develop their projects. The entire 47 contributions where sent to SIO Grafen Innovation Competition 2015. Seven winners were chosen. Our researcher Sven Forsberg and 2D fab was one of them. Here are all the winners:

  • Skultuna Flexible AB, Grafen i limfog
  • Marsblade AB, Grafen i skridskor
  • PTC Innovation AB, Large Area Deposition of Graphene
  • 2D Fab AB, Grafen i tryckfärger
  • APR Technologies AB, Autonom termisk brytare
  • Lunalec AB, Medtech applikationer för LEC
  • Chalmers, Novel Exfoliation System

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