SEK 12 million for research on sustainable packaging

Save favourite 21 Jun June 2016

The financier Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen) decide to support Mid Sweden University with 12 million for research on sustainable packaging. The research is conducted at the research centre FSCN in collaboration with several partner companies and universities.

"It feels very good that Knowledge Foundation grants funds to these projects", says Kaarlo Niskanen, research leader at FSCN Mid Sweden University. "We have for many years systematically developed our cooperation with the forest industry. This new research is an exciting step towards sustainable packaging. The project combines the transformation of the forest industry with solutions to replace fossil materials."

Environmentally friendly and efficient systems for sustainable packaging

The Knowledge Foundation is funding research over five years with a total of 12 million sek. The University has an internationally strong position in process engineering research on mechanical pulp. The research project consists of four sub-projects.

"These projects contribute to the long term goals for the development of new, environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging materials and our goal is to replace plastic with fibre-based materials," says Per Engstrand, professor and project leader. "We will cooperate with the university of Trois Rivieres Quebec and British Columbia in Canada and Tennessee in the United States. The aim is to improve the competitive advantages of fibre-based materials compared with fossil-based plastics."

"The core issue of the project is to combine a lightweight fibre-based network with strong fibre adhesion to produce cardboard material with better properties than today's packaging. The basic idea is to the maximum benefit from the natural stiffness of the wood fibres and increase strength properties by improving the surface properties of the fibres. High bulk is the crucial factor controlling the stiffness of the package", says Per Engstrand.

BillerudKorsnäs, Valmet and PulpEye are partner companies in the research projects. Together, they contribute with equal financial resources as Knowledge Foundation for the research projects.

"Within BillerudKorsnäs we have a high level ambition in developing and improving our paperboard products and production processes," says Henrik Edlund, project manager R & D BillerudKorsnäs. "In order to improve and achieve desired pulp properties of the fibre in the cardboard middle layer, we consider it necessary to increase the knowledge and the fundamental understanding of fibre processing in the CTMP process. Such R & D work with strong research character and a need for expertise in several areas is advantageously carried out in cooperation with suppliers of hardware and measuring equipment in the industry with higher education institutions. The skills and experience FSCN has in research on mechanical pulp production has been crucial for BillerudKorsnäs in the choice of partner. We have great expectations of this joint research projects and enter into cooperation with the hope that the results will contribute to our efforts to develop and produce sustainable packaging."


Kaarlo Niskanen, research director FSCN Mid Sweden University 010-142 81 99,

Per Engstrand, professor Chemical Engineering FSCN Mid Sweden University, 010-142 86 49,


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