Nima is new post doc researcher in FSCN research centre

In January 2020 Nima Fallahjoybari started as new post doc researcher in the research project Segment at Mid Sweden University, FSCN research centre. He is going to develop the research in the 3D simulation of wood chips flow in the refining process together with Johan Persson and Birgitta Engberg.

Nima 01.jpg

Nima has been a post doc researcher at Luleå University of Technology from September 2018 and now he and his wife have moved to Sundsvall. We wish him welcome and hope he will enjoy working with us.

Nima graduated from Mazandaran University with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. He completed his Msc in Energy Conversion in Tarbiat Modares University followed by a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2015. His special research area is the CFD simulation of fluid flows and heat transfer in industrial processes. Now he is going to study fluid dynamical aspects of the mechanical pulping processes. He is starting with a research contract of one year here at Mid Sweden University.

The approach we will use in this project is to develop new methods (measurement, testing and simulation/modelling techniques) that can be used in the research area of mechanical pulping and other contexts. In order to study the refining process at particle level (deformation, steam generation, collision, friction) we will use particle based modelling methods which is an emerging field of engineering with a large audience. It will be important for future research and develop deepened understanding for the refining process. 

“I love Sweden and I am fascinated by the nature and the climate here”, says Nima. “Me and my wife really enjoy living in Sweden, we love the winter and the darkness”.


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