Subproject 4

Save favourite 24 Mar March 2016

Testing and evaluating existing and newly developed measurement techniques that with sufficiently high resolution describe what happens in refiner zones.


The purpose of this project is to test and evaluate the measurement techniques developed in subproject 1 and 2, in an existing mill-scale refiner at one of the participating forest industry companies. In these tests, existing hypotheses (state of the art) and hypotheses developed in the project are validated at sufficient high resolution in order to describe what happens in the refining zone. The measurement system comprises also established online measurement techniques besides the techniques developed in subproject 1 and 2. Mill tests are plausible to be conducted in R4 in Kvarnsveden, which is a SD refiner of CD type, which initially is a prerequisite.



The CD-82 refiner in StoraEnsos mill Kvarnsveden has been equipped with a system for logging of process data. A reference period has been established by logging of process data and sampling of pulp both from blow line and after latency treatment. The pulp sample will be tested manually at Kvarnsveden, StoraEnso Research, Holmen (will use MoRe Research), Norske Skog, and SCA.



The process data for the sampling occasions will be evaluated together with online measurements of pulp and manual measurements of pulp quality. It will be evaluated if manual optical and strength measurements of the pulps are possible to predict from on line measurement of pulp quality. It is planned to install an upgraded plate gap measurement equipment from Dametric before the summer and temperature profile measurement in the plate gap after the summer. New control strategies according to earlier work from Chalmers Industriteknik will then be tried in this refiner. Later, work from subproject 1-3 will be implemented and evaluated in this project.

Researchers in the area

Subproject leader
Rita Ferritsius (Pöyry)

Project group
Karin Eriksson (CIT)
Birgitta Engberg (FSCN)
Bengt Åkerblom (Dametric)
Mats Ullmar/Jonas Franzén (Metso Paper)
Martin Jansson/Fredrik Lundström (Stora Enso)