FORIC - Forest as a Resource Industrial Research College

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PhD students in FORIC 2018 together with their supervisors.

FORIC (Forest as a resource industrial research college) is our industrial research school. Program manager is Prof. Per Engstrand. Coordinator for the research school is Dr. Olof Björkqvist. Administrative project manager is Katarina Eriksson. FORIC is financed by the Knowledge Foundation and a part of our research environment Transformative Technologies at Mid Sweden University.

FORIC is a graduate school in close cooperation with companies in Sweden where graduate students will increase their competitiveness. Academia and industry will benefit from interacting with each other. Today biorefineries become an important way to refine forest resources and develop the industry in a sustainable direction. But not even the really big companies can handle themselves of all the processes around the technology used in a biorefinery. Optimizing the chain from forest to finished product therefore requires collaboration between different companies in the forest industry and also other companies close to forest industries, such as logistics, recycling, waste, energy etc.

Research projects in FORIC

FORIC Phase 1 started in 2015 with 14 PhD students. 

FORIC Phase 2 started in 2018 with 11 PhD students. 

  • Shiromini Gamage, Colabitoil
  • Robert Norgren, Ragn-Sells
  • Bakram Guynullin, SenseAir
  • Magnus Hörnsten, Domsjö Fabriker
  • Tommy Nordin, MoRe Research
  • Tove Joelsson, MoRe Research
  • Anna Thorning, Norrskog
  • Malin From, Nouryon
  • Johanna Enström, Skogforsk
  • Sara Starrsjö, SCA
  • Johan Sund, Holmen

Research projects in FORIC


Program directors

Per Engstrand, professor and program director
Olof Björkqvist, coordinator
Katarina Eriksson, administrative project manager

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