Cellulose based films as a barrier material

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PhD student

Malin From Nouryon


The wood fiber contains the polymer cellulose (long molecular chain). If cellulose molecules are dissolved and regenerated the resulting film is quite similar to traditional plastic, but the raw material is bio based and renewable. The molecular chain can be modified with different side groups which will result in different properties in the regenerated film, for example can the material go from brittle to elastic, and from a material that acts as a gas membrane to one that can hold gas for a long time. With some modifications cellulose could most likely replace traditional plastic in the application it is used for today.

The objective of the PhD project is to understand how cellulose is dissolved and regenerated into films and how that influences the mechanical and barrier properties, it is also to know how to tailor cellulose molecules with different side groups to receive the desired properties of the films. What furthermore is interesting is how the properties alter with an elevated temperature, as not all traditional plastic are used in room temperature, so that will be included in the project as well. This will be achieved with small scale laboratory work to manufacture cellulose films and with small scale characterization at Mid Sweden University.

A film of pure cellulose placed over a pen, the film is transparent and slightly bendable.




Prof. Håkan Edlund
Prof. Magnus Norgren
Dr. Ida Svanedal