ECF/TCF bleaching for the production of softwood tissue paper

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PhD Student

Sara Starrsjö SCA R&D Centre


It is well known that the bleachability of a certain bleaching stage depends on the prehistory of the pulp. It is assumed that this is due to the difference in composition and structure of the lignin and/or carbohydrates present in the pulp. However, the knowledge about which structures provides a good bleachability is limited. This work attempts to bring clarity to this field by examining softwood kraft pulps of different origins, in regards to charged structures.

When SCA during 2018 double the production of bleached softwood Kraft pulp at Östrand pulp mill, a new bleaching plant will be implemented, allowing for both ECF light and TCF bleaching. It is of great importance that these sequences are accurately optimized and understood, in order to minimize environmental impact, cost and assure high pulp quality.

Main Supervisor

Prof. Per Engstrand, FSCN

Adjunct Supervisor

Prof. Mikael Lindström, KTH
Dr. Olena Sevastyanova, KTH
Peter Sandström, SCA