Completed projects

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An overview of completed projects at Sports Tech Research Centre.


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Sports Tech Innovation Initiative

Sports Tech Innovation Initiative - STII, is a joint venture between Mid University and the business community, which will strengthen renewal and competitiveness primarily with companies engaged in innovative products in the industry and in the outdoors sector.

Spray 2

Spray 2

Self-driving vehicles must be capable of operating in all kinds of weather, therefore, it is important to to test the systems and its sensors in different weather conditions with reduced visibility. The project aims at developing test methods for weather-independent vehicle sensors and cameras for ADAS systems.

Sports Tech Research Centre

Cryotherapy of skeletal cancer

Treatment of skeletal cancer is today an extensive procedure, both in terms of the procedure itself, but also regarding the patient's recovery time after surgery. In the project, a new method of cryotherapy (freezing treatment) of skeletal cancer will be developed.

Sports Tech Research Centre

Design and development of climatic wind tunnel for Physiological Sports Experimentation

The aim of the project was to create a standard laboratory environment where various types of physical activities in sports and outdoor could be conducted and studied under relevant weather and wind conditions.

Sports Tech Research Centre

Amorphous metals

The project aims to produce so called amorphous metals by additive manufacturing. These types of metals have a durability that far exceeds most conventional metallic materials, such as high strength steel and titanium alloys.