Treatment of skeletal cancer is today an extensive procedure, both in terms of the procedure itself, but also regarding the patient's recovery time after surgery. In the project, a new method of cryotherapy (freezing treatment) of skeletal cancer will be developed.

Sports Tech Research Centre

Orthopaedists from University Hospital of Umeå contacted Sports Tech Research Centre to jointly develop a new method and equipment for so-called cryotherapy for patients with skeletal cancer. A functional prototype is close to being tested in clinical trials.

The project is expected to generate a patent application and therefore no details about the methodology are presented. An agile product development method will be used to get the most critical design solution at the moment. A number of design proposals will be evaluated in the lab before an ethical application is written for the clinical studies. Methodology and equipment that the research group is well familiar with will be used in the project.

The project is a collaboration between Sports Tech Research Centre and University Hospital of Umeå, and funded by Rolf and Gunilla Enströms Foundation for Research and Development.


Rolf and Gunilla Enströms Foundation for Research and Development.


Mikael Bäckström

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