Production efficiency of Additive manufacturing in metal

The project "Production efficiency of Additive manufacturing in metal, Pro-A" aims to increase the productivity of additive manufacturing in metal with a new type of heating technology of the powder bed.



Additive manufacturing (AM) is a flexible technology but the industrialization of the same is to some extent hampered by rather expensive part costs, due to long manufacturing times in expensive equipment. This project aims to investigate a new type of heating technology, which could decrease the time used for each layer in the process, and where theoretical calculations have shown a productivity increase of up to 40%.The research group has conducted a number of initial experiments and the next step to show that it can contribute to increased productivity is to incorporate the technology in the equipment at the Sports Tech Research Centre.


The project aims to prepare the existing EBM machine for additional equipment, install equipment and conduct pilot studies on simpler geometries.


Lars-Erik Rännar, project manager.

Project period



The project is funded by the Rolf and Gunilla Enström Foundation for Research and Development.