Ekaterina - PhD student from Russia

Save favourite 10 Oct October 2017

International exchange is important for both our research and education. We meet up with Ekaterina Chudinova, PhD student with focus on coatings for the 3D-printed biomedical implants.

Who is Ekaterina?

I’m 24 years old and from Tomsk, Russia. I’m a PhD student of the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University. My profession is engineer-physicist.

How come that you have chosen to work with Sports Tech Research Centre?

I was invited to Mid Sweden University by SportsTech Research Centre  for a month and a half to conduct joint research between the two partner universities. My supervisor is Dr. Andrey Koptioug.

What kind of project have you been working with during your stay?

I took part in the activities of the Additive Manufacturing group of Sports Tech Research Centre related to 3D-printing of the biomedical implants and bioactive coatings of their surfaces. The purpose of my visit was to learn the process of manufacturing samples from low-modulus alloys for future research. In addition, I worked with different type of other new materials.

Thanks to Dr. Andrey Koptioug I've gained a lot of experience and valuable knowledge. It’s very important for my job. In the future I would like to continue working with low-modulus alloys because it is related to the topic of my PhD studies. I’m very glad that I had an opportunity to work in Additive Manufacturing group because I got not only a good experience, but during the stay I was together with a very friendly, highly qualified team. And I hope that I get the chance to work here again. 

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