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Articles in journals

Samadaei, E. , Kaviani, M. & Bertilsson, K. (2019). A 13-levels Module (K-Type) with two DC sources for Multilevel Inverters. IEEE transactions on industrial electronics (1982. Print), vol. 66: 7, pp. 5186-5196.  

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Klareld, A. , Forsström, S. & Engvall, T. (2019). Blockchainteknologi och arkiv. Nordisk Arkivnyt, : 1, pp. 46-47.

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Mezza, D. , Allahgholi, A. , Becker, J. , Delfs, A. , Dinapoli, R. , Goettlicher, P. , Graafsma, H. , Greiffenberg, D. & et al. (2019). Characterization of the AGIPD1.1 readout chip and improvements with respect to AGIPD1.0. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, vol. 945  

Ahmad, W. , Ghafoor, M. , Tariq, S. A. , Hassan, A. , Sjöström, M. & Olsson, R. (2019). Computationally Efficient Light Field Image Compression Using a Multiview HEVC Framework. IEEE Access, vol. 7, pp. 143002-143014.    

Ansari, R. I. , Pervaiz, H. , Chrysostomou, C. , Hassan, S. A. , Mahmood, A. & Gidlund, M. (2019). Control-Data Separation Architecture for Dual-Band mmWave Networks : A New Dimension to Spectrum Management. IEEE Access, vol. 7, pp. 34925-34937.    

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Du, Y. , Wu, X. , Sidén, J. & Wang, G. (2019). Design of ultra-wideband antenna with high-selectivity band notches using fragment-type etch pattern. Microwave and optical technology letters (Print),  

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Niskanen, I. , Suopajärvi, T. , Liimatainen, H. , Fabritius, T. , Heikkilä, R. & Thungström, G. (2019). Determining the complex refractive index of cellulose nanocrystals by combination of Beer-Lambert and immersion matching methods. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, vol. 235, pp. 1-6.  

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Hassan, A. , Ghafoor, M. , Tariq, S. , Zia, T. & Ahmad, W. (2019). High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)–Based Surgical Telementoring System Using Shallow Convolutional Neural Network. Journal of digital imaging, vol. 32: 6, pp. 1027-1043.  

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Ashraf, S. , Forsberg, V. , Mattsson, C. G. & Thungström, G. (2019). Thermoelectric properties of n-type molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) thin film by using a simple measurement method. Materials, vol. 12: 21    

Articles, reviews/surveys

Allahgholi, A. , Becker, J. , Delfs, A. , Dinapoli, R. , Göttlicher, P. , Graafsma, H. , Greiffenberg, D. , Hirsemann, H. & et al. (2019). Megapixels @ Megahertz – The AGIPD high-speed cameras for the European XFEL. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, vol. 942  

Chapters in books

Butun, I. & Österberg, P. (2019). Detecting Intrusions in Cyber-Physical Systems of Smart Cities : Challenges and Directions. In Secure Cyber-Physical Systems for Smart Cities. Hershey, USA : IGI Global. pp. 74-102.  

Conference papers

Haller, S. , Cheng, P. & Oelmann, B. (2019). A 2.5 v 600 a mosfet-based DC traction motor. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology.. pp. 213--218.  

Krug, S. , Shallari, I. & O'Nils, M. (2019). A Case Study on Energy Overhead of Different IoT Network Stacks. In 2019 IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT).. pp. 528--529.  

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Balliu, E. , Engholm, M. & Nilsson, H. (2019). A compact, single-frequency, high-power, SBS-free, Yb-doped single-stage fiber amplifier. In Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering.. pp. 6pp-  

Ahmad, J. , Li, X. , Sidén, J. & Andersson, H. (2019). An Analysis of Screen-Printed Stretchable Conductive Tracks on Thermoplastic Polyurethane. In FLEPS 2019 - IEEE International Conference on Flexible and Printable Sensors and Systems, Proceedings.    

Forsström, S. & Jennehag, U. (2019). An Implemented Open Source Blockchain Market for Smart Grids and Microgrids Using Autonomous Agents. In COINS '19 Proceedings of the International Conference on Omni-Layer Intelligent Systems.. pp. 116--121.  

Alishah, R. S. , Hasani, M. Y. , Hosseini, S. H. , Bertilsson, K. & Babalou, M. (2019). Analysis and Design of a New Extendable Sepic Converter with High Voltage Gain and Reduced Components for Photovoltaic Applications. In 2019 10th International Power Electronics, Drive Systems and Technologies Conference (PEDSTC).. pp. 492--497.    

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Lindén, J. , Wang, X. , Forsström, S. & Zhang, T. (2019). Bilingual Auto-Categorization Comparison of two LSTM Text Classifiers. Paper presented at the 8th International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics, Toyama, Japan, July 7-11 (Main Event) & 12 (Forum), 2019

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Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Rydblom, S. A. L. (2019). Development and Test of an Imaging Instrument for Measurement of Water Droplets in Icing Conditions. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2019 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 306)  

Hammarling, K. (2019). Hydrogel-based pH-sensors : Development and characterisation of optical and electrical pH sensors based on stimuli-responsive hydrogels. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2019 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 295)  

Licentiate theses, comprehensive summaries

Haller, S. (2019). MOSFET enabled low-voltage high-current DC traction drive : a pioneering concept for battery electric vehicles. Lic. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2019 (Mid Sweden University licentiate thesis : 153)


Ahmad, W. (2019). Computationally Efficient Light Field Image Compression using a Multiview HEVC Framework.  

Reza, S. (2019). Stressed in a small group or university? Think Big! : Universitetsläraren, Sveriges universitetslärare och forskares (SULF) medlemstidning..  


Forsström, S. (2019). Blockchain Research Report.