Antenna systems for smart wells

Save favourite 11 Oct October 2019
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The project aims to jointly design a smart and energy-efficient electronics system that with minimal maintenance communicates with sensors in wells to ensure water supply and that used water is cleaned before it is released into the waterways. A major focus is on the challenge of designing an antenna solution that is easy to integrate in manufacturing the wells, robust enough to withstand the harsh environments and radio-efficient even if the antenna is located underground.

The system that is addressed will in the long run reduce both the leakage in the water supply systems as well as the release of environmentally hazardous water into the nature. The project creates a network of partners that, in addition to academia, comprise the entire value chain from well manufacturers to water and sewage companies, which in collaboration develop and utilize knowledge and techniques. A fully producible concept is delivered, materialized as a demonstrator that can lead to both reduced environmental degradation and commercial success of participating partners.

Johan Sidén

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