At STC we hava a cleanroom of about 250 m2 which are Class 1000 (ISO 6). In the clean room, no particles are allowed to exist as they can interfere with research. This requires great precision at the entrance and exit in the cleanroom.


Both researchers and students use the clean room in education and research. The cleanroom is specialized in fabrication of radiation semiconductor sensors and micromechanical sensors. For example you can create your own diodes and measure it function. This is one of the tasks our students do in the cleanroom.

The Cleanroom is divided into following areas:

  • Lithographical area
  • Deposition of metal and dielectric films
  • Implantation
  • Diffusion area
  • Dry etch area
  • Characterization
  • Dicing and connection


Cleanroom technician
Krister Aldén
+46 60-14 85 46