STC in numbers

STC research environment started in 2005 and has developed from a small research environment with only two professors to a large and recognized research environment involving more than 70 personnel. A key factor for this development was the funding of a profile from the Knowledge Foundation in 2005. This boosted the identity of the research environment that has led to a large growth in funding from different sources.



Development of funding at STC

Recent years the research in STC has gained a more stable funding situation, when several larger project has come in place. The increase in funding has led to more employees, mainly in the postdoctoral level and when it comes to guest professors. The coming years we will make efforts to further broaden the funding sources, to increase a more stable funding for the future and to also increase the national visibility of the research.


Development of publications at STC

In the academic production, the effect of a larger focus on journal articles is shown in the long term trend. The conference part of the academic production is expected to increase as the big group of new PhD students start to get into their research work.

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