Publications 2017

Articles in journals

Ma, J. , Yang, D. , Zhang, H. & Gidlund, M. (2017). A Reliable Handoff Mechanism for Mobile Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks. Sensors, vol. 17: 8    

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Chapters in books

Barac, F. , Gidlund, M. , Zhang, T. & Sisinni, E. (2017). Error Manifestation in Industrial WSN Communication and Guidelines for Countermeasures. In Wireless Sensor Systems for Extreme Environments : Space, Underwater, Underground and Industrial. John Wiley & Sons.

Conference papers

Wang, B. , Zhang, T. , Chang, Z. , Ristaniemi, T. & Liu, G. (2017). 3D Matrix-Based Visualization System of Association Rules. In IEEE CIT 2017 - 17th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology.. pp. 357--362.  

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Forsström, S. & Jennehag, U. (2017). A Performance and Cost Evaluation of Combining OPC-UAand Microsoft Azure IoT Hub into an Industrial Internet-of-Things System. In GIoTS 2017 - Global Internet of Things Summit, Proceedings.. pp. 327--332.  

Trunk, U. , Allahgholi, A. , Becker, J. , Delfs, A. , Dinapoli, R. , Göttlicher, P. , Graafsma, H. , Greiffenberg, D. & et al. (2017). AGIPD : A multi megapixel, multi megahertz X-ray camera for the European XFEL. In Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering : SELECTED PAPERS FROM THE 31ST INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON HIGH-SPEED IMAGING AND PHOTONICS. (Proceedings of SPIE)  

Sedano, I. , Prieto, G. , Brunnström, K. , Kihl, M. & Montalban, J. (2017). Application of full-reference video quality metrics in IPTV. In 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (BMSB). (IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting). pp. 464--467.  

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Guntupalli, L. , Li, F. & Gidlund, M. (2017). Energy Harvesting Powered Packet Transmissions in Duty-cycled WSNs : A DTMC Analysis. In Proc. of IEEE GLOBECOM'17, Singapore, Dec. 2017. (IEEE Global Communications Conference)  

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Brunnström, K. , Allison, R. S. , Chandler, D. M. , Colett, H. , Corriveau, P. , Daly, S. , Goel, J. , Knopf, J. & et al. (2017). Industry and business perspectives on the distinctions between visually lossless and lossy video quality : Mobile and large format displays. In IS and T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging Science and Technology.. pp. 118--133.    

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Wiss, T. & Forsström, S. (2017). Performance Evaluation of Secure CoAP and MQTT Communication on Resource-Constrained Devices. Paper presented at the the 13th Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop, Halmstad, May 29-30, 2017

Lin, Y. , Lavassani, M. , Li, J. & Zhang, T. (2017). PixVid: Capturing Temporal Correlated Changes in Time Series. In Proceedings - 5th International Conference on Advanced Cloud and Big Data, CBD 2017. (International Conference on Advanced Cloud and Big Data). pp. 337--342.  

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Gaynullin, B. , Bryzgalov, M. , Hummelgård, C. , Mattsson, C. , Rödjegård, H. & Thungström, G. (2017). Pressure characterization and resolution limits' investigation of high accuracy NDIR Methane sensor for environmental applications. Paper presented at the 14th International Workshop on Advanced Infrared Technology and Applications, AITA 2017, Québec City, Canada, September 27-29, 2017

Yang, Q. , Wang, S. & Zhang, T. (2017). Pruning and Summarizing the Discovered Time Series Association Rules from Mechanical Sensor Data Qing. In PROCEEDINGS OF THE 3RD ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ELECTRONICS, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND INFORMATION SCIENCE (EEEIS 2017). Paris : (Advances in Engineering Research). pp. 40--45.    

Mahmood, A. & Gidlund, M. (2017). Renewal-theoretic Packet Collision Modeling under Long-tailed Heterogenous Traffic. In 28th Annual IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC'17), Montreal, Canada, Oct. 2017..    

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Norlin, B. , Reza, S. & Fröjdh, C. (2017). X-ray fluorescence measurements of toxic metal content in ash from municipal solid waste incineration. In 2016 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, Medical Imaging Conference and Room-Temperature Semiconductor Detector Workshop (NSS/MIC/RTSD).  

Licentiate theses, comprehensive summaries

Rydblom, S. (2017). Measuring Water Droplets to Detect Atmospheric Icing. Lic. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2017 (Mid Sweden University licentiate thesis : 134)  


Reza, S. (2017). Cultural contrasts affect the teacher–student relationship : Universitetsläraren, Sveriges universitetslärare och forskares (SULF) medlemstidning..  

Reza, S. (2017). In a non-hierarchical society far, far away from home … : Universitetsläraren, Sveriges universitetslärare och forskares (SULF) medlemstidning..  

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