The research group within Autonomous sensor systems develop technologies in the areas of energy harvesting and embedded sensors targeting autonomous sensor systems with a focus on industrial applications.

Wireless sensor systems

Energy harvesting

Energy harvesting

In energy harvesting we study technologies suitable for powering wireless sensors in industrial settings. The research includes physical modeling, prototyping, and experiments in lab and in real industrial environments. Currently we are working on harvesters for hydraulic systems utilizing pressure fluctuations, variable reluctance for rotating bodies, and in-door solar energy harvesting.

Embedded Sensing

Varvtalsmätare Nazar ul islam STC

In embedded sensor we study how to utilize the potential of having the complete embedded sensor system on rotors for measuring quantities such as angular speed and acceleration, vibration, and torque. Application areas that could benefit from this research are process industry, energy production, and automotive industry.

Electrical motor drive

Motor STC

Wireless Sensor System lab

Varvtalsmätare STC


Research Leader
Prof. Bengt Oelmann

Senior Researchers
Dr. Cheng Peng
Dr. Sebastian Bader
Dr. Muhammad Nazar Ul Isalm

Adjunct Prof. Cristina Rusu (Acreo)

Javier Aranda
Stefan Haller
Xinyu Ma
Ye Xu


Partners to the research group Wireless Sensor Systems:

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