The Realistic 3D research group installed a new 3D laboratory in 2011 in order to pursue research on Multiscopic 3D capture, coding and visualization technology.


The laboratory contains several 3D displays, for instance, stereoscopic displays and stereoscopic projector, but also, more advanced multiscopic and lightfield displays. The 3D-lab further includes a number of 3D cameras; stereoscopic cameras and a specially designed combination of 2D and range cameras. The lab also contains measurement equipment´s such as a luminance meter, colorimeter and oscilloscope to examine the performance of the different 3D equipment´s. The lab enables the control of the lighting and surroundings in order to adjust the environment of the lab for subjective user evaluations of 3D perception.

3D displays 

  • Stereoscopic displays
  • Stereoscopic projector
  • Multiscopic displays
  • Lightfield display

3D & 4D cameras

  • 2D + ToF camera
  • Stereoscopic camera
  • Lytro, PC1.0
  • Raytrix, PC2.0

Measurement equipment

  • Luminance meter
  • Colorimeter
  • USB Oscilloscope
  • Optics table


  • Controlled lighting and surrounding

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