System for digital 3D signage and its affects on costumer behaviour

Latest research progress in three-dimensional visualization allows scope for fundamental change in the way all three-dimensional information is presented. This technology is predicted to revolutionize several areas where current presentation methods mainly consist of ordinary two-dimensional displays without depth. Examples of immediate interest are medical diagnosis, product design and construction, digital signs, video games, 3DTV and cell phones.

Mid Sweden University has the last years pursued research on realistic three-dimensional visualisation. The research has now attained a maturity that allows for a transfer of knowledge from academia to industry. The purpose of the project is to be a first step in this transfer of competence by producing a prototype system for digital signage with three-dimensional visualisation in close collaboration with local enterprises, and investigate its affects on costumer behaviour. The project further aims to build a research network with other European research groups and enterprises, which will be the foundation for a deepen knowledge and a broadened dissemination of realistic 3D visualization in the region. 


Research group


Mårten Sjöström, Docent
+46 60-14 88 36
+46 70-544 6811

Roger Olsson, Ph.D
Linda Karlsson, Ph.D
Rolf Dalin, M.Sc. 

Project period

1 May 2008 - 31 Oct 2010

Mid Sweden University
Länsstyrelsen i Västernorrland
EU Structural Funds
NetCorner Europe AB

NetCorner Europe AB
Nordic Fast Food AB