3D Video - Capture and Compression for Distribution

The multitude of 3D displays, backward compatibility with 2D, and new free-view TV-services put higher requirements on flexible capture, efficient format integration, and necessitate an intelligent transmission for a final user satisfaction. 3D requires an optimized approach to the large amount of data to capture, to transfer and to display, much more than a 2D counterpart.

The project will address key issues for a qualitative production and transmission of 3D video, in particular:

  • limitations and optimisation of capture of multiview 3D media, and
  • coding algorithms and formats for compression and storage of 3D media enabling scalable and efficient transmission and a flexible presentation.

The project will result in new technology related to 3D that will lead to interoperable products, where new standards have a central role.


Research group


Project leader
Prof.  Mårten Sjöström
+46 60-14 88 36
+46 70-544 6811