ASIS - Autonomous Sensors for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks

Can autonomous wireless sensor networks be designed to fulfil the requirements of industrial applications? That is the research question for this synergy research project, ASIS. Researchers are addressing the challenges of making the wireless sensor network technology competitive in relation to wired networks with respect to reliability, predictability, communication performance, and maintainability. Three research issues will be addressed in a coordinated manner to advance the field.


Self powered RPM Sensor

RPM Sensor with PhD-student Ye Xu
Together with industrial partners, researchers within ASIS has developed a self powered wireless RPM sensor, robust enough for tough industrial environments. This new wireless RPM sensor can measure motor rotation in complete new place.

Energy harvesting using pressure fluctuation

Energy harvesting
Energy Harvesting using pressure fluctuations principle. In fluid pressure systems we can take advantage of acoustic noise. This Noise can be converted to energy using piezoelectric crystals.
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Research group

Research group

Research group


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