Phase contrast is a hot and relatively new research area, where the scattering of X-rays is studied instead of the traditional way of measuring the absorption in X-ray imaging.

Phase contrast X-ray imaging can be used to construct an online system for measurement of paper quality during the actual production. Precise measurements of the paper composition and thickness are possible to get in this way. During the production the measurements scans the quality of the paper manufactured.


The paper and the coating consist of light materials, it is a challenge to achieve good enough contrast using traditional X-ray imaging of light materiasl. Phase contrast gives higher measured contrast between the material of the actual paper and the coating respectively, although they are light. Hence the quality measurement of the paper and coating ratio can be better.

The use of the research

The technology developed in this project has the possibility to decrease manufacturing costs as well as environmental effects of the production. There are also other application areas for this technology; as better contrast and resolution in medical X-ray images as well as identification of explosives in security applications to avoid false alarm of kable-nests in passenger bags.

The project period is three years and a new X-ray lab with led shielded walls has been built to be able to develop a working prototype of the system that later can be further developed into a working industry product.


Research group



Project leader
Börje Norlin

Jan Thim
Christer Fröjdh
Erik Fröjdh
Salim Reza
Göran Thungström

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Iggesund Holmen
Mantex AB

Scint - X AB
MidDec Scandinavian AB