Fiber optic sensors for industrial and medical applications

Fiber optical sensors are believed to have a much larger role in industry and in the medical area. This is due to the insensitivity of light when it comes to electromagnetic disturbance, and high sensitivity.

During 2011 research activities have been made in collaboration with Samba Sensor AB, Acreo and Uppsala University to develop a new pH-sensitive material that is non-toxic, has high reproducibility and with good optical properties. Tests have been made to apply the pH-sensitive material on optical fibers, both in regard of pH sensitivity and adhesion. Continuous work is conducted to improve the material on all aspects.

Work has also been made to investigate how light in op- tical fibers can be influenced by deposition of nano-par- ticles near the fiber core. Different methods have been used to deposit the nano-particles and the most pro- mising method has shown to be the so called “Evapora- tion Induced Self-Assembly” (EISA) method. Preliminary optical measurements have been made and compared with simulations.

Throughout 2012, research to better understand the material properties of the polymer pH-sensitive material developed by Uppsala University has been made. This to further refine the adhesion and pH sensitivity properties.

Work has also been done with more simulations of nano particles evaporated upon an optical fiber core.



Project leader
Prof. Hans Erik Nilsson

Krister Hammarling