Future airport with Remote Tower (pre-study)

The airport in Sundsvall-Timrå is unique since it is the world's first operational control center of remote air traffic control, also called Remote Tower Centre. This pre-study will investigate how to complement this operation with research and development with the goal to get a leading position within the field and develop the airport with new technique in the whole business.

Sundsvall/Timrå flygplats  Remote Tower
Sundsvall Timrå Airport.

In this pre-study researcher from Mid Sweden University will, together with Sundsvall Timrå Airport, create a vison for the future airport where advanced technique complements peoples work to get higher security, functionality and usability.

Researcher will investigate suitable techniques that can contribute to the future airport by looking into literature and compile related research at Mid Sweden, with a focus on cost effective techniques. Together with Luftfartsverket (Civil Aviation Authority), companies, and innovations offices researcher from Mid Sweden University will arrange a workshop to develop a vision for the remote control tower and discuss possible techniques.


  • Develop a vision for the future of the airport where advanced technology supplements human resources in order to increase increase safety, functionality and usability.
  • Create an overview of suitable techniques that can contribute to the future airport through literature studies, as well as compile research activities at Mid Sweden University. The overview will prioritize will prioritize cost-effective solutions.
  • Determine how new techniques developed at Mid Sweden University enable other operations at the airport related to security control, luggage handling, and more.
  • Make a case study together with Luftfartsverket.
  • Start a cooperation with companies that can contribute to the development of Sundsvall Timrå Airport, in particular promote continued development of airport of the future with remote traffic control. 

Project leaders

Mårten Sjöström , Professor
+46 10-142 88 36

Frank Olofsson, SDL Airport

Project period

2007-11-01 - 2018-04-30

Project funding

250 000 SEK

Timrå Kommun 16x9