Our region is dominated by large distances, which inhibits the ability to utilize services provided only in urban areas. By creating e-services, the services can be made available irrespective of their location.

Many interesting and useful solutions are the result of research at universities, so also at Mid Sweden University. Many times, these results stay academic products that will not benefit the industry and the public. Furthermore, combinations of knowledge have proved to be advantageous in product and service development.

The project will create new e-services, based on the demand from regional business, using interdisciplinary and complementary skills at Mid Sweden University. The project will bring these services forward into start-ups, or to transfer the concepts to existing regional businesses. The benefits and capabilities of each discipline cross-fertilize the second, focusing on the actual needs of regional businesses, creating a basis for continued development and cooperation. The project encompasses development of technologies that support e-services, design of a the service, and investigation of further markets.


The HET project has developed three e-services, 3D interactive tours3D live video, and Augment SUNDSVALL.

3D interactive tours facilitate communication and enhance the user's geometrical understanding, allowing to interpret consequences of construction projekcts or to grasp designs without ambiguity. See more in this brochure.

The 3D live video feed presents objects and surroundings in three dimensions with using special 3D glasses online. Th eservice is  great motnitoring soluton for life critical situations. it gives a better understanding of the observed scenand allows for precise steering of remote machinery. See more in this brochure. See further this animation demonstrating the concept for 3D-monitoring. (Use red-green glasses to perceive the 3D experience.)

Augment SUNDSVALL is a augmented reality application for Android-devices (phones and tablets). The application utilizes the devices camera and screen to enhance the town of Sundsvall with useful and interesting information, presented with graphics and audio. The application also features a map with "hot spots", to guide the user around the town - the user can of course select which type of targets that they find interesting, for instance restaurants and historically interesting places. See more in this brochure.


Research group

Project leader
Prof. Mårten Sjöström

Ulf Jennehag, PhD
Mikael Marklund, MSc
Leif Olsson, PhD
Roger Olsson, PhD
Anders Rådberg, MSc
Olof Wahlberg, PhD
Mitra Damghanian, PhD
Yun Li, TechLic
Suryanarayana Muddala, TechLic

Walid Abdelrahman
Moneli Damghanian
Michelle Ludovici
Viktor Svensson
Tsedey Terefe
Mintesinot Wodajo
Niklas Öhrberg

Project period