InSIKT - Secure ICT for indoor environments

The main objectives of this project is to develop secure and robust network services for the personal and home environment, and for these networks develop new innovative services that provide safer homes. The project addresses the technical solutions for the personal integrity of the home ICT infrastructure to provide security and trust in applications , such as monitoring, home healthcare, energy management, and control of home appliances connected.

Impact and results

The project creates a secure and robust peer-to-peer network architecture for home networks, and possible future digital services. In addition, there shall be a home portal for interaction with the developed and future services on the personal sphere, including home monitoring. Dissemination of knowledge is done through publications and graduates. In the longer term the project is expected to result in more difficult to measure results so that growth of SMEs and intellectual assets. The accumulated knowledge of the project will lead to participation in new projects funded by the EU Framework Programs. Project results will be utilized in different ways depending on the type of partner.

Implementation of Plan and Methodology

The project is divided into four work packages (WP). The first two work packages that focus on security and a robust sensor service infrastructure is relatively heavy but the research results can be exploited in commercial solutions for short or medium term. WP3 develops a home gateway to which the other results are to be connected. In WP4, all results produced by the project are integrated, verified, tested and/or demonstrated. The project has access to test facilities at  Acreo and ServaNet for validation and field tests.




Project leader
Dr. Patrik Österberg

Dr. Ulf Jennehag
Lic. Stefan Forsström
Lic. Victor Kardeby