MobiSense - NFC for easy and intelligent information handling via smart phones

Wanted project further develops and expands the research and collaboration in RFID, sensor solutions and mobile communication built up at Mid Sweden University.

The project's base lies in the development of hardware and software for various applications that are identified to be well suited for integration of NFC technology , where communication is easily done using a standard mobile phone equipped with NFC.

The platform referred to be developed in the project will be the basis for the demonstrators developed in collaboration with partner companies. The project has its base in research and development at Mid Sweden Universitys Electronics and Computer department. Identification of products, markets and potential business models will be done through workshops woven into the basic training of Industrial Economy and smaller workshops with project members where even well-selected individuals from industry, with experience in product development and commercialization offered participate . Student groups will also work in interdisciplinary student projects for that along with students from other utbildnignsprogram work with both market and technical issues in the project. Totally new business ideas arising within the project are presented preferably at Mittuniversitetets innovation support, Miun lnnovation.


Research group


Project Leader
Henrik Andersson
Phone: +46 70-3622245

Project period