ORESS - On Rotor Embedded Sensor System

Measurements on rotating machinery are commonly used where the measured parameters can be used in condition monitoring systems or in control systems. These systems can for example be found in engines, gearboxes and generator- turbines.

In many industrial applications such as process and power plants, the requirements and the reliability of the control and monitoring systems are very high. It is because of the fact that even a temporary shutdown of the production is extremely costly.  This places high requirements on the sensors of the systems.

One common technique used to measure on rotary shafts is based on optical encoders. These sensors are widely used in industry for measuring the angular position, speed, torque and angular acceleration.  The sensor is mechanically coupled to the rotating body of the motor by means of bearings. The problem with the mechanical coupling between the rotor and the stator is the wear out of the bearing, which limits the lifetime of the sensor.


In this project, the researchers will explore sensor solutions based on a technology where there is no mechanical connection between the stator and rotor. The integrated sensor system is mounted on the rotor with different configurations of MEMS-based sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes. The built-in sensor system communicates wirelessly and is also powered wirelessly.


  • To develop measurement techniques that exploits the benefits of having complete integrated sensor system on the rotor.
  • Explore techniques for active contactless energy supply for the integrated sensor system.
  • Investigate the possibilities and limitations of RF-communication for sensor systems built into mechanical structures.

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Prof. Bengt Oelmann
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Dr. Peng Cheng

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