The project aims to develop an optical meter that measures topography in real time directly on a paper web in motion, OnTop (Online topography measurement) and integrate this into Iggesund factory. The meter can automatically monitor and log topographic measurements across the paper surface during production, which can give every square meter of paper produced a stamp of quality.


Measuring surface topography in lab environment

Measurement results in real time also provides an opportunity to control the paper process to achieve higher quality and profitability. Other advantages for producers of graphic paper and paperboard:

  • Increase profitability for the producer's productssince it can measure more frequently and thereby get earlier indication of errors. With help of a computer, one can see trends on the wrong long before it otherwise would detect these.
  • Enable a quality-driven pricing of graphic paper products.
  • Increase efficiency through the ability to quality control of production in real time.
  • Reduce personnel costs for lab measurements.
  • Provide measurement technique for officials.



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Mattias O´Nils
Phone: +46 60-148780
Mobile: +46 70-6957668

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