Remote - Demonstrator- och coachning project to create e-business based on connected things

The aim of the project is to increase knowledge on ICT use in enterprises, create more e-services and create new incentives for increased deployments of mobile and fixed broadband.

A main idea is to implement a demonstrator project at Mid Sweden University as by utilizing previous research can create two examples of e-services for connected things. The examples show how to create new services based on online things and that ultimately creates a commercial incentive to build out both mobile and fixed broadband infrastructure. To further create a driving force to establish the e-services based on online things, the project will coach several companies in developing their business through the development of new e-services based on online things.

To get maximum leverage of demonstrators / e-services, they are the chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrators in itself should be in an educational way to convey the benefits that can be created by connecting things on the internet and create services.
    • Real-time water meter that shows how to connect things in the home, creating benefits for both the consumer and the supplier. This online service also shows the benefits that can be created by aggregating all customer information into a larger whole, which can be compared to a Google / Facebook for things
    • Personal safety monitoring connected to the railway demonstrate how to hook up an area, can create increased security and an improved environment for people living and working in the vicinity of the the railway.
  • Demonstrators will have a future potential to become commercial products and services.

Demonstrators should have a range of applications that can be justified both in urban areas and in sparsely built areas. It will in other words be able to justify an expansion of both mobile and fixed broadband infrastructure.



Project leader
Mattias O´Nils
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Mattias O´Nils
Mikael Gidlund
Najeem Lawal
Sebastian Bader
Muhammad Imran
Stefan Forsström
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